== Introduction To 'ALPACA WORLD'

Welcome to Alpaca World! This is a game where you collect alpacas of different colors, and breed, sell, trade, and fight them, too! All of your alpacas will be kept in your Farm, where they will run around all day. You can use the Travel option to take a group of up to four alpacas and lead them through uncharted territory, fighting wild alpacas for experience and to capture them. You can also breed your alpacas to get adorable baby alpacas! The alpaca combinations are almost infinite! Enjoy alpacas!! ALPACAS ARE AMAZING!! GOOD LUCK

1st Step Edit

Upon entering the game, you will hear cheerful music called "a song of alpacas". You will first receive an alpaca with Light Cotton wool and Cherry Blossom skin. Make sure to name him something you like; you can't rename an alpaca without spending an Alpaca Coin.

The first thing you should do is go traveling. Traveling lets you fight wild alpacas. To travel, tap the 'travel' button in the bottom left corner, and select Beginner Hill. There you can touch the screen to move your alpaca around. When you go off the path, random alpacas will attack you and you will be able to fight them.

defeating another alpaca, you will receive EXP to level up your alpaca. The higher the level you can get your alpaca up to, the more places you'll be able to unlock. The new areas get exciting quickly; in Alpaca Hill, you can find alpacas of any color, and once you move up in rank, you can go to Hills with specific colors like magenta hill or yellow hill but to get there,you must go through another hill called alpaca hill but don't get too excited because there are fierce alpacas who WILL attack you.

Beginner's Hill Edit

The only area accessible from the start (aside from your farm and city) is Beginner Hill. Here, you will find alpacas of only one color (agate dark for both skin and wool) ranging from level 1 to 3. You can capture or defeat them at will - note that capturing alpacas does not grant you experience. To capture an alpaca you will need rope or chain, which you can buy in the Shop which is in the city. You are given five Dirt Ropes to start off with, though, which should be enough to capture the lower level alpacas.

In the top bar of your screen, you will see something called a "rank"; your rank increases when you do certain things, like capturing more alpacas or leveling up your alpacas. Tap on your Rank to see the requirements to rank up.

Your first mission will be to reach level 4 with an alpaca. Defeat alpacas in Beginner Hill until your alpaca reaches level 4. Then, you will receive a notification that your rank has gone up - congratulations! Now you can go to Alpaca Hill.

Getting greater Edit

Any-who, so you've mastered Beginner Hill and are ready to move up and face Alpaca Hill. To reach it, head back to the farm and press Travel again; the option will come up to choose Beginner or Alpaca Hill. Tap Alpaca Hill and you will be transported. This hill works the same as Beginner Hill; travel off the road to encounter wild alpacas. These alpacas will be higher level; the first 'tier' of the Hill will have level 4-6, the second will have 7-9, etc. This is an opportunity to catch higher level alpacas and gain experience.thy werde stupid and cure

The color-specific hills you will unlock later on are leveled around 15, so make sure to level up in Alpaca Hill before moving on. You can't catch an alpaca two or more levels higher than your current alpacas.

Breeding Edit

A good way to get more alpacas is to capture or buy a new alpaca to breed with your starting alpaca. Getting an alpaca with wool of a similar colour to your starting alpaca won't give you variety, but it will help the chances of getting a Light Cotton wool alpaca, which is one of the most valuable colors. By Breeding, you get more alpacas, and the more the merrier!

Breeding can be done by going to the City, then to the "Breeding" tab, then selecting one male and one female alpaca. You will see the possible offspring; clicking breed will make the female alpaca pregnant for 10 minutes. She will be unable to be taken to hills during that period. The offspring will be born after the 10 minutes are done, and will mature for 24 hours. The baby alpaca will be unable to be sold, sheared or taken to hills before then. The mother alpaca can be sold or taken out at will after the birth.

Den Capacity Edit

Den Price
4 1,000
5 2,000
6 3,200
7 4,400
8 5,600
9 6,800
10 8,000
11 9,200
12 10,400
13 11,600
14 12,800
15 14,000
16 15,200
17 16,400
18 17,600
19 18,800
20 20,000
21 21,200
22 22,400
23 23,600
24 26,800
25 29,000
  • Dens can be maxed out automatically for 250 AC
After all 25 alpaca dens are bought you can buy a Hotel Reservation for 50,000 G that lets you keep 30 more alpaca. Depositing leaves their accessories in your inventory and withdrawing resets their wool timer.
Players cannot store pregnant or baby alpacas or collect wool from stored alpacas.
Hotel Upgrades: Purchased only with Alpaca Coins. Increases amount of storage space.
  • Hotel Membership will let you store 60 alpaca but costs 20 Alpaca Coins.
  • Hotel VIP: 100 alpaca for 80 AC
  • The only way to get working ACs is buy buying them with real cash or watching ads.