All alpaca's begin with 183 points distributed between the four attack types. Each time an alpaca levels up, it will gain 20 points distributed across the four attack types.

When encountering alpacas in the wild, you can either fight them or try to catch them. You can choose to attack them in four different ways: tackle, m. bullet, mega impact, and meteor. The mega impact and meteor attacks can only be used a finite amount of times but are much stronger attacks.

During a fight, the alpaca with the highest speed points will attack first (so, if you fight a wild alpaca with higher speed points than that of your alpaca, the wild alpaca will attack first).

After a fight, if your alpaca has been injured, you can heal them by either taking them back to the farm and letting them rest or by giving them food. When an alpaca levels up, its HP will be fully restored.

When your rank goes up, all of your alpacas will have their HP and special attacks restored.