Farm Edit

Your Farm is, essentially, where you keep all your alpacas. From the Farm, you can access the following:

  • Your Color Dex, which is pretty much a book containing all the different colors of wool you own. These colors are only from alpacas you own, not wool that drops from enemies.
  • Items tab, where all your accessories and foods and utilities are stored and kept.
  • City tab, where you can tap on it to travel to the City, basically the store menu, where you can buy and sell alpacas, foods, wool, Farm Upgrades, and clothing for your alpacas to look fabulous.
  • The Dressing tab, where, once you have one alpaca selected by tapping on it from the side menu on the right, you can now dress up your alpacas. You will only be able to dye clothing in the colors of wool you own and are in your Color Dex.
  • Finally, your Travel tab. You can learn all about Travelling right here.

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