"The coal mine where dark-colored alpacas reside."

- Alpaca World

Black Hill
Map Information
Biome Type Industrial Park, Coal Mine
Warp Circles Master Hill, Red Hill, Blue Hill, Green Hill
Level Range 41 - 60
Other Information
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Black Hill is one of two hills the player can unlock by increasing their rank to Alpaca Rancher (owning one level 35 alpaca). The other hill is White Hill. it`s also filled with black brazillian alpacas

Appearance Edit

A map within a smoggy, bleak, abandoned mining structure. The map is multi-terraced and leads to a pit where higher level alpaca can be found. Unlike all the other hills in the game which have various brightly-colored nature themes, Black Hill is one of the most modern, humanized, and somber.

Lower level enemies are found on areas of the map that are raised terraces (indicated by patches of lighter grey), with higher level enemies found in the lower, central valley points on the map.

Alpacas with Black fur and skin are more likely to appear here, though they can spawn in areas outside of Black Hill. The alpacas encountered in this area are limited to 9 colors which include: Eggplant, Dark Orange, Dark Brown, Dark Olive, Pine Green, Dark Green, Agate Dark, Shadow, Dark Grey, and Black

The area is expansive, but cramps and forces the player to either follow along or straddle edges of the trail to start battles. The area is mostly dark-grey and black gravel, with mining carts, cart tracks, and dark-grey steel structures. The steel structures appear to be cranes and levers with massive gears.

Atmospheric sounds include revving engines and creaking machinery. Alpacas will create the sound of crunching gravel when not walking on the path.

There is a warp circle to the far right of the map that leads to Master Hill.

Traversing back to the warp into this level leads to either Blue Hill, Red Hill, or Green Hill.