There ink, and Wheat for third (290g); and Dark Blue, Forest Green, and Maroon for fourth (270g).

Fur color Wool Selling price
Abyss blue 240g
Agate Dark 290g
Amethyst 190g
Anise 190g
Apple Green 240g
Aqua 190g
Aqua Blue 260g
Aqua Green 240g
Ash 210g
Asparagus 180g
Azure 190g
Banana Yellow 240g



Blue 230g
Blueberry 220g
Bruised Fruit 180g
Burnt Violet 210g
Byzantium 210g
Cadet Blue 210g
Cantaloupe 190g
Caramel 220g
Carnation 190g
Celadon 190g
Cerise 160g
Cerulean 160g
Chamaleon green 190g
Chamois 160g
Champagne 210g
Chartreuse 190g
Cherry Blossom 260g
Cool Gray 180g
Cool purple 190g
Cream 240g
Crimson 190g
Crockery Blue 160g
Cyan 210g
Dark Blue 270g
Dark Brown 290g
Dark Cyan 210g
Dark Gray 240g
Dark Green 290g
Dark Magenta 190g
Dark Olive 260g
Dark Orchid 210g
Dodger Blue 190g
Dull Violet 160g
Emerald 220g
Eggplant 260g
Fandango 240g
Fern Green 210g
Fire brick 250g
Flora 160g
Foliage 240g
Forest Green 270g
Fuchsia 190g
Gray 160g
Green 230g
Honey 210g
Honey Dew 210g
Hydrangea 160g
Imperial Violet 240g
Indigo 210g
Iris 180g
Jade 190g
Jungle Green 160g
Lavender 240g
Lichen 260g
Light Cotton 320g
Light gray 240g
Light Yellow 260g
Lilac 240g
Lime 250g
Lipstick 190g
Lotus Pink 190g
Magenta 210g
Magic Mint 210g
Malechite 190g
Mallow 160g
Maroon 270g
Midnight blue 160g
Mint Blue 240g
Mint Green 210g
Navy blue 250g
New Leaf Green 160g
Olive 210g
Orange 160g
Orchid 260g
Peach 160g
Peacock Blue 190g
Pine green 260g
Pink 240g
Pistachio 160g
Poisonous Purple 190g
Powder blue 290g
Prune 260g
Purple 190g
Putty Green 180g
Red 230g
Rose Quartz 210g
Rosy Brown 180g
Royal Blue 220g
Ruby 220g
Saffron 190g
Salmon Pink 210g
Sandy Brown 190g
Sapphire 240g
Savannah Green 190g
Sea Green 240g
Sepia 240g
Shadow 320g
Shocking Pink 210g
Sky Blue 210g
Snake Green 160g
Spring green 160g
Strawberry 160g
Steel Blue 190g
Sweet pink 290g
Teal 180g
Toxic Green 220g
Turquoise 160g
Vermilion 190g
Viridian 190g
Yellow 210g
Yellowish Green 190g
Wheat 290g
White 450g
Willow 180g